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Shasu Sweets

Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs 1lb (454g)

Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs 1lb (454g)

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US expiration date : June 2025 or later

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Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs 1lb (454g)

Indulge in the exhilarating taste explosion of Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs! Perfect for those who crave extreme sourness, these treats are sure to excite your taste buds. Experience a delicious and daring burst of flavor with these unbeatable Sour Watermelon Bombs. 

Product Details:

Scour the Sour: Indulge in an unparalleled sour candy experience with Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs. The intense level of sourness will leave a lasting impression, as tangy flavors engulf your taste buds in a wave of exhilaration. Satisfy your craving for extreme sourness that can't be beat.

Amazing Watermelon Flavor: Experience the perfect balance of tangy and sweet with Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs! While the intense sourness takes center stage, the equally delightful Watermelon flavor bursts through, creating a refreshing and mouthwatering experience. Indulge in the authentic Watermelon taste that will leave your taste buds craving for more! Get ready to taste the passion and excitement in every bite!

Exuberent Challenge: Discover the thrill of Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs! Not only do these candies pack a delicious punch, but they also offer a thrilling challenge for those seeking an adventurous candy experience. With intense levels of sourness, these bombs test your tolerance and invite you to push your taste buds to the limit. Are you ready to embrace the excitement? Order now and elevate your candy-eating experience to new heights!

Sour that won't Quit: Experience the long-lasting sourness of Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs! Unlike other candies that lose their intensity quickly, these bombs will keep your taste buds tingling with their tangy flavor throughout every bite. Savor the unique taste sensation and indulge in the remarkable quality of these sour treats.

Protective Packaging: Experience a premium candy sensation with Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs! Our candies come in a sturdy and attractive package to keep them fresh and protected, while the resealable bag allows for easy storage. Indulge in their delicious sourness and flavor anytime with our attention to packaging perfection.

Can you handle the intense, mouth-watering sour explosion of Shasu Sweets Mega Sour Watermelon Bombs? Challenge your friends to a taste test and see who can endure the tangy rush the longest!

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Please Use Discretion and Consume Shasu Sweets Mega Sours in Moderation: These candies are a fun treat but are extremely sour. Excessive consumption of these candies within a brief period of time may cause temporary mouth and/or stomach discomfort. The color dyes used in this product may have an adverse effect on attention in children with long-term use.

Products originate in the United Kingdom & Europe. Expiration Dates may be in the European Format (DD/MM/YYYY.) It is against Sonnet Foods policy to sell expired goods.

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